NaxcarWheels: Shoes for your ride !

The right set of wheels can either make or 'break' your vehicle's look to make it stand out.

NaxcarWheels will help you with "that match made in heaven" -kind of feeling
with Premium and Exclusive rims and matching tires for your daily driver, showcar, classic, trackday-beast or off-roader.

We are internationally known for our wide range of Whitewalls and offer them both in Radials as well in PLY-versions

In rims we offer Premium brands, custom-painted wheels and High-End customizable brands.
Even a custom-made set you dream off is possible, from drawing 'til set to mount under your vehicle -with safety-approval-.

We offer a "Feel free to ask"-service, where you as our customer contact us to make a quote and we try to fit in between your desires.
As always every quality has it's price and everybody wants the best for the least amount of money, that's why we also work with a prĂ©set budget:
If you contact us by marking the budget you want to spent on wheels we try to find a match for you.

What defines us? Maybe it's our background story , the quality or the service we strive for... whatever it is we care about every customer.

We serve B2C & B2B Customers and are able to ship International by various carriers.
Contact us for an inquiry or to book an appointment.
Contact us.

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